Infrastructure Development Plan For Tanjung Lesung

Infrastructure Development Plan For Tanjung Lesung

PT Jababeka Tbk has a mandate to develop a Special Economic Zone or Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus (KEK) Tanjung Lesung as integrated travel area through Government Regulation (PP) No. 26/2012.

PT Jababeka Tbk has set up many long-term plan to turn the area which is located 170 kilometers from Jakarta. The plan, among others, formed a joint venture between PT Banten West Java Tourism Development Corporation (a subsidiary of Jababeka) with PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Pelindo II). Two corporations have agreed to build a cruise terminal named Marina with a capacity of about 600 dock. By utilizing an area of 50 hectares, the construction of the project will cost about Rp 602.4 billion.

In support ease of access, will be built  83 kilometers Serang- Panimbang Highway.  The access commonly used is through the Jakarta-Merak toll road and exit on the East Serang Highway. After that, use a regular road as far as 100 kilometers through the city Pandeglang, Labuan, and ended up at Tanjung lesung. It usually takes about 4 to 5 hours.

“The construction of the toll road is not easy. The acquisition of land is also an obstacle. It takes approximately 10-20 years to complete it,” said General Manager of Tanjung Lesung Resort, Priyono Indrayanto.

According to Indra, with the next plan to build Panimbang Airport, Banten, the access to Tanjung Lesung will be more easy and estimated that only takes 10 minutes. And supporting facilities will be built to meet the tourists lifestyles such as the golf course and theme park.

Although many of infrastructure projects is still in the planning stages, Jababeka has prepared an alternative access to the Tanjung Lesung. Building the airstrip, using charter flights from Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport towards Tanjung Lesung.

“We will build the airstrip area. We have been working with Garuda Indonesia and other airlines. However, still waiting for the operating permit,” said Indra.

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