Pelindo II to Build New Seaport in West Kalimantan

Pontianak – State-owned airport operator PT Pelindo II announced it would build an international seaport in Pantai Kijin, West Kalimantan.

Investment value of the seaport is around Rp5 trillion.

The seaport is located in Sungai Kunyit district, Mempawah regency, West Kalimantan province.

PT Pelindo II Risk Management and Technical Director Dani Rusli Utama said that the construction of the seaport is very urgent in order to reduce logistic costs in West Kalimantan province.

Previously, he said it was Dwikora seaport in Pontianak that was used.

“Actually Dwikora port has been optimized and investment of the seaport’s equipment and the capacity has been increased 2–3 times,” he said on Saturday. He added that the capacity of Dwikora seaport was initially only 100,000 Teus but now it has increased into 250,000 Teus. However, the number of ships that dock in the seaport has continued to rise over the year.

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