Who we are ?

PT Pengembang Pelabuhan Indonesia, known as  is officially a subsidiary of the PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) or IPC that operates in provided and development and port of services.

  • PPI has established.

    PT. PPI established on November, 5, 2012.

    PT PPI is present as a Pioneer in Providing a Reliable Infrastructure Ports Facilities in Indonesia.PT IPC holds a majority 99% share in the company, while the PT MTI holds 1% share.

    PT. PPI established in 2012, regarding notarial dated Nomor. 9 dated 5 November 2012 drawn up N.M. dipo Nusantara Pua Upa, SH., MKn, a notary based in Jakarta. The deed has been validated by the justice and Human Rights Minister through a document No. AHU-57925.A.H.01.01 , 2012.

  • PPI be trusted to build New Priok Port Development

    In this early establishment, PT. PPI be trusted to build New Priok Port Development,  carried out in 2 phasses. Phases of development I begin 2012 until 2017 with length of all berth 4.000 meter, container yards of 104 ha, Oil 72 Ha and supporting area 36 ha, depth water -16 Meter. To first phases, capacity of the terminal can service container passed through the terminal 4,5 million TEUs. The second phases, development of terminal begin on  2018 until 2023 with total length of berth 4.230 Meters, depth water -20 meters, container yard 190 ha with  total capacity of the terminal 9 million TEUs.

  • Vision

    Vision of PT PPI is to provide comprehensive solutions to the development and port infrastructure. Based on the vision of this company has such a mission to provide the infrastructure and facilities according to port international standards, to create innovative products, excellence and competitive port infrastructure, to improve logistics connectivity, to build on its success and provide benefits for our partners, to provide sustainable value for all shareholders and to increase employee competency, professionalism and welfare.

Company Profile

The business activities of PT Pengembang Pelabuhan Indonesia (PPI or Port Developer) has been started since November 5TH, 2012, when the company was established as a subsidiary of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) or IPC to be a pioneer in the provision of port infrastructure facilities that are reliable and comprehensive standard International in Indonesia.

PT PPI is the first company engaged in the provision of infrastructure facilities in Indonesia. PPI business focus in 2013, PPI’s to carry out the construction and operation of the Tanjung Priok Terminal Kalibaru.

PT PPI as a subsidiary of IPC was given the assignment to do the construction NewPriok Terminal Development. One of the goals of the establishment of PT PPI to implement aspects of the construction and operation of Terminal Kalibaru-Tanjung Priok port concession agreement as set out in the Main Office of the Tanjung Priok Port Authority with PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II No.01/1/1/OP.TPK-12 and No. HK. 566/15/11/PI.II-12 tangagal 21 Agusutus 2012 about Concession Agreement for the Development and Operation of Terminal Kalibaru -Tanjung Priok Port. Base on agreement concession, IPC can set up a subsidiary to carry out every aspect of the construction and operation of Terminal Kalibaru–Port of Tanjung Priok, then formed PT PPI that focus on the provision of infrastructure facilities terminal. Expected future PPI will be a pioneer in the provision of port infrsstucture facilities reliable and comprehensive international standard in Indonesia.