Newpriok Project

Project Detail


The construction of a new port – an extension of Indonesia’s busiest port, Tanjung Priok – is one of the biggest public projects currently in development in Indonesia. The Tanjung Priok harbor in North Jakarta which handles more than half of total goods that are exported from or imported to Indonesia has however become overloaded over the years. The New Priok project will bring Indonesia’s port facilities on par with other world-class ports. It will significantly strengthen Indonesia’s logistics chain, thus implying a better environment for trade and other businesses. Developer and operator of this mega-project is state-owned enterprise PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II  or IPC.

The initial development for the port expansion at NewPriok Terminal construction will be done in 2 (two) stage, The First phase will be in the total area 112 Ha, comprising container terminal 1 in total area 32 Ha and Container Terminal 2 and 3 with total area 90 Ha, Product Terminal 1 and 2 in total area 90 Ha. Two new petroleum product terminals with a capacity of 10 million square metres per year. This terminal has depth of the groove and reaches – 16 M LWS (lower Water spring and will be deepened 20 M LWS.

The Second phase will be in total area 180 Ha consist of 4 (four) terminal with each terminal capacity 2 million TEUs per year. When fully operational in 2023, this New Priok Port (which is also known as Kalibaru Port) will more than triple annual capacity of Tanjung Priok.

Upon completion in 2023, New Priok will be the largest port development in Indonesia, driving the country’s growth as a global shipping hub ranked amongst the top ten ports in the world.

New Priok, by Indonesia Port Corporation II (IPC), is part of Indonesia’s long-term transportation strategy to strengthen domestic trade efficiencies and boost the competitiveness of Southeast Asia’s largest economy, as stated in the Masterplan for Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia’s Development (MP3EI).

New Priok will open Indonesia up to global and regional shipping routes and help to cement its position as an economic powerhouse, ranked among the top 10 ports in the world when fully completed in 2023


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