Management Information Service

PT Pengembang Pelabuhan Indonesia continues to produce quality information services to support accountable transparency, effectiveness and efficiency. This is the information or data as well as documentation addressed to the stakeholders of PT Pengembang Pelabuhan Indonesia. Please fill out the form below to obtain the required information from PT Pengembang Pelabuhan Indonesia.

Full information regarding PT PPI’s public information services can be found in the Information Service Manual below. This manual contains application procedures, classification of requests for information, procedures for obtaining information and forms for requesting information. This guideline is expected to assist all PPI personnel and the public in implementing the Services and Information Management Policy.

The Information Service System is an online service intended to facilitate information applicants in submitting requests for information and documentation to PT PPI. You can submit an information request by selecting the Information Request Form menu.


To become a leading information service system that is committed to providing information in a transparent, quality, effective and efficient manner in accordance with the Decree of the Board of Directors Number: SKD-630-17052021-025 dated 17 May 2021 about Information Service Policies, Data and Documentation of PT Pengembang Pelabuhan Indonesia.


  1. Provide upright and high quality information services.
  2. Provide competent and responsible human resources in information service.
  3. Providing excellent information service facilities in the form of modern and up-to-date information service systems and infrastructure.

PT PPI provides an information service system that can be accessed online to facilitate information applicants in obtaining information and documentation from PT PPI. This information includes :

1. Information that must be provided and announced periodically:

2. Information that must be provided and announced immediately:

3. Information that must be available at all times:

4. Other open information requested by the applicant

Please note before submitting a Request for Information:

  1. Please read the terms and types of information listed on the PT Pengembang Pelabuhan Indonesia website
  2. If the information requested is another open information, then the applicant can apply online


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