PPI Board of Commissioners Visits Cibitung-Cilincing Toll Road Work Site

On August 14, 2018, the Board of Commissioners of PT Pengembang Pelabuhan Indonesia (PT PPI) along with the Directors of PPI subsidiary, PT Akses Pelabuhan Indonesia (API), visited the work site of the Cibitung-Cilincing Toll Road project (JTCC). JTCC is a toll road access development project that connects Tanjung Priok with the main hinterland of industrial estate in the areas of Bekasi, Cibitung, Cikarang, Karawang, and the surrounding areas.

JTCC is an IPC project which construction activities began in 2012, where IPC appointed a PPI subsidiary to carry out the construction of the toll road project. Then PPI formed a subsidiary, API, which entered into a joint venture with PT Waskita Toll Road to form PT Cibitung Tanjung Priok Port Tollways (CTP Tollways). JTCC is an IPC project which construction activities began in 2012. The JTCC project is planned for completion in Quarter IV in 2019.

During the visit, the Board of Commissioners expected API through CTP Tollways to complete this strategic project according to plan in Quarter IV of 2019 so that it can support access to Tanjung Priok port.

PPI Board of Commissioners Dachamer Munthe, Irsal Yunus, Apep Fajar Kurniawan accompanied by PPI Audit Committee Eddy Kuswaedi along with PT API’s President Director Iwan Ridwan saw firsthand the progress of the JTCC project in Section I to Section IV which had reached 52.51% for land acquisition and 11.69% for overall construction progress.

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