PT Akses Pelabuhan Indonesia

About PT Akses Pelabuhan Indonesia x

PT Akses Pelabuhan Indonesia is a subsidiary of PT Developer Pelabuhan Indonesia (PPI) operating in development by carrying out activities for the implementation of toll road and non-toll road projects including planning, construction, operation and maintenance of toll roads in the form of investment and construction of toll roads, and carrying out related business development along the toll road.

Vision: Become a developer of port access (in the form of toll roads or non-toll roads) in order to improve logistics cost efficiency in Indonesia.

Corporate Value: Integrity – Proffesional – Innovation – Sustainability

API through its subsidiary, PT CTP Tollways, is currently in the construction phase for the Cibitung – Cilincing Toll Road which will be operating in 2019. PT API’s other services are:

  • Monitoring the implementation of project construction
  • Technical supervision assistance
  • Assistance and preparation of studies related to the project
  • Licensing and coordination with stakeholders
  • Strategic Partner Management